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Press Release | Powerman Embrun welcomes strong elite in first year

09. July 2021 (18:23 Uhr)

Powerman Embrun/France will have a great kick off in the first edition on Sunday, the 11th of July. 

- Embrun, 09-07-2021- 
The race organizer, Team Embrun, has a good field of participants bearing in mind all Covid issues including top duathletes from Europe.
World wide, Powerman is considered to be the pinnacle of duathlon competition and the sport of duathlon as a natural progression for runners and cyclists. To visualize and get the feeling of what is duathlon: It’s Run-Bike -Run.

“Last year Powerman Embrun was canceled at the very last moment due to Covid-19. A very though decision for everyone involved in the organization and of course for all participants” said John Raadschelders, president of the International Powerman Association (I.P.A.). “This weekend, multisport athletes from all across Europe will be able to race in I believe that will be the toughest Powerman Classic Distance in the world. So I would like to say: “If you’re tough enough…Be there!”

“We, the local organizing committee of Powerman Embrun, loved to create this challenging race for all participants” added Seb Fuz, race director of Powerman Embrun. "The run and bike course has some hilly sections but at the finish you will be really able to say: Yes I am a Powerman/ Powerwoman.

Seb continues: “We are also very happy to see Europe ‘s finest elite athletes at the start line in our inaugural year.”

Line up preview

Male Elite:

  • Daan De Groot (Netherlands), European Champion Middle Distance (MD)
  • Jan Pertalia (Belgium):, 2nd European Champion MD
  • Top French athletes like: Antony Costes, Yannick Cadalen, Anthony Le-Duey

Female Elite 

  • Ann Schoot -Uiterkamp,(Holland) 2021 EC 3rd
  • Lotte Claes ( Belgium)
  • Marie Brandt Schulz (Denmark)
  • Top French athletes: Garange Baut, Marion Legrand

Entrants can expect to race in the Powerman Classic and Powerman short distances, which offer the challenges of a 10 k run, 60 k cycling course, 10  k run, respectively 5 k run,20 k cycling course, 5 k run.

For more information and updates, like us on social media: facebook/instagram @powerman.france.embrun and @powermanduathlon 

For more info : www.powerman-france.com


Competition Schedule

Saturday, July 10: Powerkids

Sunday, July 11

Female Elite from 07:50

Male Elite from 07:55

Age groupers from 07:57

Powerman Short Distance from 11:15

Race village/Expo: Stade Embrun

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